As a parent, there are a few dreaded phone calls you hope never to make or receive. The middle-of-the-night call from the police is one. Another is having reason to call a Juvenile Delinquency Attorney for your child. If your child makes a simple mistake and runs afoul of the law, you may receive that unwanted phone call. You could just let the legal system sort out the situation, but you want the best for your child. Your young one’s best interest means a fair trial, should it come to that, but at least, a fair process. In St. Petersburg, you should not allow your child to appear in court without proper representation. Navigating the law can be a painstaking venture, but a professional can help guide and advise you. With the right lawyer, your son or daughter’s charges can be reduced significantly or even dropped entirely.

Do Not Go to Court Alone — Bring an Insider’s Perspective

Unlike the adult equivalent that handles adult offenders, the court for juvenile offenders often provides resources for rehabilitation with special programs. However, figuring out which apply in your family’s situation in Juvenile Court can be a difficult process. This is why it is critical to get an experienced Juvenile Delinquency Attorney in St. Petersburg. In certain circumstances, the state may seek to try your teen as an adult especially if the allegation was extremely egregious. Frank McDermott is the type of qualified representative you need to handle your case. He has devoted his career to helping juveniles navigate the court system in times of need. In addition to handling private juvenile cases, he has handled court-appointed cases, which gives him a greater amount of experience than most private attorneys. Mr. McDermott has also served as a volunteer Hearing Master presiding over Juvenile Drug Court cases in Pinellas County.  This exposure and experience with the Juvenile Justice System equips Mr. McDermott with the tools necessary to properly represent your son or daughter.

The Process of Processing Younger Criminal Cases

When people think of delinquents, they may imagine troubled teenagers in a jail cell. This, however, is not necessarily an accurate depiction. It all begins with the arresting officer. That officer may then:

  • Give a stern counseling or written warning, and then release the minor without further incident;
  • Release the minor into the custody of a parent or guardian (often with a fine); or
  • Refer the minor to court (either by detaining or with a summons).

Once the case goes to court, it becomes a very different matter than that of an adult defendant. This is where having an experienced Juvenile Delinquency Attorney is critical. There are many things we can do to mitigate or dismiss Joy Riding, Grand Theft, and many other types of charges.

Typical Cases Seen by a Juvenile Delinquency Attorney

As a seasoned Juvenile Delinquency Attorney in St. Petersburg, Frank McDermott has seen a great number of cases work their way through the judicial system. Too many end with the young individual being tried as an adult. It is a lawyer’s job to prevent that, if possible, and to ensure that the young defendant’s rights are protected. Adults generally receive much harsher penalties than minors. Minors run the risk of being tried as an adult in cases such as:

  • Homicide/Manslaughter Assault (in or out of school) and Battery
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of a Weapon
  • DUI and Underage Drinking
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Vandalism

This list is not exhaustive, but contains a sampling of charges that can negatively affect a young person’s life. If you are in the St. Petersburg area, make sure you go with the right Juvenile Delinquency Attorney. You need someone who has experience with this area of law because the details can make all the difference.

Experience. Excellence. McDermott Law Firm, P.A.

The importance of hiring an experienced Juvenile Delinquency Attorney in St. Petersburg when your young one runs into trouble with the law cannot be understated. Failure to do so is gambling with your child’s future. You need to look for someone with expertise in this field of law; someone who has insider experience and a demonstrated track record of success.

You want what is best for your child and our firm is right there with you. If you are in the St. Petersburg area and are looking for a hardworking and reliable Juvenile Delinquency Attorney with years of experience, contact McDermott Law Firm, P.A. today. To schedule a consultation, call us at 727-367-1080.