Seminole residents dealing with legal cases involving crimes like fraud, copyright infringement, or other corporate crimes should immediately seek guidance. Ensuring you have proper legal protection means working with a white-collar criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorneys like those at McDermott Law, can handle large amounts of data and find the most advantageous outcome. Circumstances where individuals choose self-representation often result in a guilty verdict. Some individuals may also decide to plead guilty if they feel the repercussions are minor. However, the average person has no idea how proceedings will unfold, and they may receive a harsher sentence. Working with the right firm will help Seminole residents avoid adverse outcomes and mitigate damages for various white-collar crimes. At McDermott Law Firm, P.A., clients can receive compassionate and attentive service to improve their odds.

Advantages of Legal Representation


The definition of white collar crimes can vary, but most are a non-violent financial crime. These include things like insider trading and cybercrimes. Another common charge includes tax evasion. While many believe certain crimes will only result in fines, charges like tax evasion can result in half a decade in prison. Rather than risking the worst possible outcome, a white-collar criminal defense attorney can set your case on the right path. Self-representation tactics do not work in comparison to professional legal representation. Harsher convictions are statistically more likely without a white-collar criminal defense attorney. Working with an attorney also helps clients:

  • Better understand their case
  • Gather and process documents
  • Avoid hold-ups and delays


White Collar Criminal Defense Strengthens Cases


The terminology and complex laws involving a case can easily confuse those without legal experience. Prosecutors will often take advantage of those without any experience to self-incriminate. At McDermott Law, we protect clients from having to deal with a prosecuting attorney alone and risking self-incrimination in court. With our aid, Seminole residents can also forgo delaying proceedings which can negatively impact their odds. Contacting a white-collar criminal defense attorney is the first step to avoiding wrongful convictions and adverse outcomes. We handle severe cases involving charges like Fraud, Embezzlement, and even Racketeering. Even though you may not have participated directly in a criminal act or enterprise, you could still potentially be charged as a minor participant.

Benefit from More Services at McDermott Law Today


Since 1961, McDermott Law has handled major white collar crime cases throughout Seminole. With our help, you can tackle situations including other criminal charges such as drug arrests, DUIs, and BUIs. Seminole residents can avoid wasting time scouring for appropriate services with our help. We also handle personal injuries, including wrongful death situations. As a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Attorney with over two decades of experience, Frank McDermott can apply his skills and place you at an advantage. You can go online or contact us at (727) 367-1080 to learn more and begin defending your white collar crimes case today.