It is the unfortunate reality that Lyft accidents in Seminole are a potential hazard of the job. As a driver, you spend more time on the road. Even as an impeccable driver, this puts you at more of a risk of being involved in a traffic accident. So if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident, McDermott Law Firm is here to help.

Insurance Coverage for Lyft Accidents in Seminole

If you get into an accident while you are driving for Lyft, what happens depends on the insurance you have. What period you are in when the accident occurs also has an effect. Lyft only covers Lyft accidents in Seminole that take place during Periods 2 or 3.
Driver Periods:

  •   Period 1 – You sign into the app and are waiting for a ride request
  •   Period 2 – You have received a request and are in transit to pick up a rider
  •  Period 3 – A passenger is already in your vehicle

Period 1

During period 1, you sign into the app and wait for a ride request. This is when you are the most vulnerable to an accident. You have no coverage from Lyft at all during this time. So, any accidents that occur would go through your insurance. If you do not have additional rideshare coverage on your policy, you can end up having to pay out of pocket for expenses.

Periods 2 and 3

Should your Lyft accident in Seminole occur during periods 2 or 3, then Lyft’s insurance will cover you up to $1 million in liability coverage, after a $2,500 deductible. Meaning you will have to pay out of pocket $2,500 before the policy kicks in. Unless you have purchased additional rideshare insurance on your policy. In that case, it will depend on the details of your policy.
Lyft’s insurance policy will pay out for liability and collision but often will not cover medical expenses, lost wages, or the cost of a rental car. It is wise to look into additional insurance that will fully protect you in the event of any Lyft accidents in Seminole. Many options will cover you during period 1, and potentially cover all or part of Lyft’s insurance deductible.

If the Other Party is at Fault During A Lyft Accident

If the other party is at fault, then you may be able to go through their insurance to try to get a settlement. You may be entitled to compensation for damages. Your car, lost wages, medical expenses, and the cost of a rental car, while yours is being repaired, could all be covered. If these are your circumstances, it is in your best interest to seek counsel from an attorney experienced handling Lyft accidents in Seminole as they can often negotiate a much higher settlement than you could on your own.

Lyft’s Trust and Safety Team

Lyft has a team established for emergencies. These employees attempt to manage the crisis and provide insurance information in the case of an event. Drivers have instructions to dial 911 in the event of a crash.

Important Information To Obtain

  • Lyft Drivers name, address, and phone number
  • Personal insurance information from your driver
  • The vehicle information of any cars involved
  • Pictures if you’re able to
  • Information from the other driver

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