Being accused of any crime can be hard to deal with, especially a serious charge like DUI Manslaughter. A case like this should always be handled in a timely manner with the right attorney who can support you. Our team has been defending clients in the St. Petersburg area since 1961 and is ready to help you. A DUI Manslaughter Attorney helps you prepare for your case and shows you the support you need to get through a stressful time.

Understanding Your Charges

It is important to understand when a case requires a DUI Manslaughter Attorney. These charges are more serious than just a DUI because it means that someone was injured or killed as a result of your operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whether your case is seen as negligent or not, the consequences that come with DUI Manslaughter charges can be quite severe. St. Petersburg follows Florida state laws, and you will want a prepared attorney to defend you during this time.

Why Do I Need a DUI Manslaughter Attorney?

It may seem like losing hope is the easier option when facing serious charges. However, when you have an experienced lawyer who is invested in your case, you can be hopeful that you will be informed and protected. Our team is very well experienced in the different strategies for defending a DUI Manslaughter case, and we have been supporting our clients in the St. Petersburg area for nearly 60 years. A DUI Manslaughter Attorney can use the best defense to support you. Potential defenses can include:

  • Irregularities in field sobriety tests;
  • Faulty or improperly administered blood tests;
  • Driving infractions giving fault or shared blame to the victim; and/or
  • Testimony from experts contesting the prosecution’s claims.

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If you are dealing with a case in the St. Petersburg area, you may need a DUI Manslaughter Attorney. A case like this is serious and needs to be handled by someone who is informed and prepared to defend your rights. Talk to a lawyer at McDermott Law Firm, P.A. Contact or call our firm today at (727) 367-1080 to schedule a consultation.