If you are facing Criminal Law charges in St. Petersburg, you need to contact a lawyer first thing. Not only will they advocate for you from start to finish, but with their help, you will be approaching your case from the most optimal stance. These circumstances can weigh you down in mind and spirit, so turn to a legal representative who can assist you with whatever you are facing.

DUI, DWI, or DUI Manslaughter

Instances of Driving Under the Influence call for legal input, especially those resulting in Manslaughter. The gravity of DUI and DWI charges can weigh heavily on those involved. Driving Under the Influence is the better known of the two, but do not let foreign concepts prevent you from getting the assistance you need in court. A DWI indicates that the individual was Driving While Impaired. While a breathalyzer may indicate that there is no alcohol in the system, there may be other substances at play, like drugs or unknown materials. You need a Criminal Law attorney who will obtain evidence, like film footage and police reports, to strengthen your stance.

Instances of BUI

St. Petersburg offers a fantastic range of aquatic activities from kayaks to jet skis to motorboats. Whether this is your fourth violation or you are a first-time offender for Boating Under the Influence, input from a professional can lead to an outcome that protects your reputation.

Drug Cases

Matters involving controlled substances call for legal assistance to handle charges for:

  • Sale
  • Distribution
  • Possession
  • Trafficking

Our team has managed cases that involve heroin, marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, Hydrocodone, Special K, Alprazolam (Xanax), cocaine, and other controlled substances. Know your rights by hiring a lawyer who will advocate for you and provide counsel.

RICO or Racketeering

If you are suspected of Racketeering in the St. Petersburg area, consult with a Criminal Law attorney. From Scheme to Defraud, Money Laundering, Elder Fraud, or White Collar cases, the Statutes and procedures can seem complicated to those who do not practice law. Do not risk missed evidence because you did not hire a diligent representative.

Hire McDermott’s Team to Handle Criminal Law Cases

Are you under investigation for Money Laundering? Have you been charged with a DUI? Whatever the circumstances, the attorneys at McDermott Law Firm, P.A. aim to assist clients with Criminal Law cases, including:

  • Arson
  • Burglary or Robbery
  • Assault or Rape
  • Child Abuse
  • Murder

Charges like these can be stressful, and you should locate a legal firm in St. Petersburg for help. To speak with one of McDermott’s law dogs, call 727-367-1080.